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Tires are often forgotten by many golf cart owners as part of their maintenance routine. Apart from the regular cleaning of tires, there are other things you need to keep in mind in order to properly maintain your tires.

Make sure your tires are always in the recommended pressure by the manufacturer, which is usually 22 psi. Depending on how frequently you use your tires, you should have its pressure checked once every month. Do not let your tires run on a lower or higher pressure than what is recommended by the manufacturer as this may cause your tires to wear out quickly and affect the performance of your golf cart.

It is also important to keep your tires properly rotated and aligned. You should have your tires checked for proper rotation and correct alignment at least once every year. On the other hand, if you have recently hit a curb or hole, you may want to have your tire alignment checked at once.

If you notice cracks on your tire walls, many golf cart maintenance experts agree that this simply means that your tires are nearing the end of their lifespan. You should consider having them replaced soon.

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